Sunday, January 22, 2012

The last fragment Maikel wrote: Fragments, I'm Going Crazy in El-Marg Prison - 27

- Maspero recruits:
Why does the army only try El-Adli and Mubarak in the case of assassinating protesters in 28 January, and not trying Tantawi and Badin in the case of assassinating the protesters at Maspero? The three recruits who are tried in Maspero case are scapegoats because the members of the military council won’t be tried… If I were free, I would have been in solidarity with them even if they really killed protesters, because justice is by trying who gave the orders not to their tool which implemented the orders. 2011/12/27

- 9 months as a prisoner
Today I completed 9 months as a prisoner (275 days)… 127 days of them on a hunger strike, which means half of my imprisonment period approximately… Nothing to comment about that except: Down with the military rule! 2011/12/28

- The ministry of killers and murderers
You know that killers of protesters if would be tried (which I doubt), would spend their time in prison honored and relaxed, their salaries would normally be paid, their promotion would normally happen in time, then they would come back to service, because the law doesn’t consider killing, torturing and rape to be crimes involving moral turpitude which prevent the officer of coming back to service? It’s necessary that the law be amended, so that the officer who broke the law and entered prison be separated from service immediately, and not have a ministry of interior half of them are precedents. 2011/12/29

- Where did all that money go?
The ministry of defense budget in Mubarak’s era was about 100 billion Egyptian pounds yearly. Tantawi was the minister of defense for 20 years in Mubarak’s era, in other words 20×100 billion, means 2 trillion Egyptian pounds, this is approximately the full budget of Egypt for full 6 years, this is of course other than the budget after the revolution and the money for the replacement for loyalty to the regime and the companies which are owned by the army and don’t pay taxes… It’s necessary that someone asks Tantawi and the military council: Where did this money go? We want a statement of account for them to know where was it spent? How much of it was wasted? How much was stolen of it? 2011/12/29

- My suffering
I can’t describe my suffering in prison… Imagine someone made a surgery without anesthesia, no matter how much he described his suffering, no one will understand his pains… I’m also like that, no matter how much I described, no one will feel how much I suffer here! 2011/12/29

- Bored
I’m very bored… I’ve been in solitary confined for two weeks and the door isn’t opened on me and I’m not allowed to talk anyone… Extreme boredom. 2011/12/30

- I remember food all the time
The whole time I’m on a hunger strike I find myself all the time thinking food and the way it is cooked… The hungry always dreams of the bread market   :D   2011/12/30

- The revolution of 25 January 2012
All the time I hope that the same way the revolution of 25 January 2011 was a strong blow to police, I wish that 25 January 2012 will be a strong blow that the army never forgets. 2011/12/30

- Ending my hunger strike
Today I ended my hunger strike… I’ve been on a hunger strike for 130 days, 10 days of them on a thirst strike, 39 days I drank only water, 81 days drinking juices and dairy… I think that this experience in non-violent struggle I would be remembering it for the rest of my life. 2011/12/31

- I and the sheikh Ahmed Makwa
I think that you read my story which I wrote in prison, titled “The Sheikh Ahmed Makwa” (Sheikh Ahmed [clothes] iron) about the prisoner whose mates framed-up a charge for him to move him out of the ward… When I wrote this story I never thought that the same thing would happen to me, when the prisoners in the hospital made for me a case of religious contempt in order to get me out of the hospital… The world is so small! The lesson I learned from this crisis: is that there is no one nastier than police men and the fanatics. 2011/12/31

- New year’s evening
In minutes I’d start the new year… How bad that someone spends the new year’s evening while wrongly imprisoned… What’s strange is that last year at the same time, I was sad and very pessimistic of the year 2011, as if I felt what would happen to me in it… I wish that the year 2012 be the year for the freedom of mine, Egypt and humanity. 2011/12/31

- Thanks to Amir Salem
Today, Amir Salem (the famous lawyer) made a heroic stance and got the public prosecution to the prison for me to try to put an end to the violations of the ministry of interior against me… Before he came I was very sad of the oppression of cronies of police to me, but what he did elevated my morale very much… Thanks, Amir Salem, you helped my to start the new year with a smile   :)   2011/12/31

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