Friday, January 20, 2012

Frivolous thoughts about the Israeli and the Palestinian Affairs

  -     I very often remember the wonderful Egyptian joke in which an Egyptian person asks a cleric of a mosque, “If we conquered Tel Aviv, would it be permissible for us to penetrate Israeli females?”, then the cleric answers him, “If you conquered Tel Aviv, come and penetrate me!”… This practical impossibility of Islamists’ demands of throwing Israel in the sea, I also heard from a British parliament representative… I was telling him “that it’s not humane to say that 6 million Israelis have no right to exist on their land”, so answered me confidently, “6 million Israelis, fully armed, will always exist whether we like it or not”… This conflict won’t end except when both sides realize that it’s impossible to erase the other from existence.

  -     There is also a discrimination between the two genders in the international solidarity with the Palestinian cause… I had read a lot about the American, Rachel Corrie, who was killed because of her non-violent struggle in solidarity with Palestinians… But, it’s the first time to know that there is another British activist named Tom Hurndall who was also killed in Palestine in similar circumstances… I don’t know why people remember the feminine sacrifices more than male sacrifices?
  -     I was also happy to read about the non-violent struggle of some Palestinian activists… I liked what I read in the organization, ISM (International Solidarity Movement)… For all of my life I was against the Palestinian movements because of their violent means, that’s why I am impressed by the non-violent Palestinian experience… I want to visit this organization when I visit Palestine and Israel.
  -     I don’t deny that I started to feel big sympathy with Palestinians of the West Bank who are compelled everyday to see the occupying army of Israel in the streets and squares… I felt their feeling when I was compelled to see the occupying army of Tantawi in the streets and squares of Egypt after the coup d’etat of last February.
  -     In the earphone of the MP3 I hear her refreshing voice… Ofra Haza, the fabulous Israeli singer… Singing in Arabic “Ya Helu ya Hali”… Prisons won’t prevent you of what you like, prisons are inside brains of Arabs preventing them from enjoying the art and the literature of Israel although they are theoretically free… I only in need to listen to the crazy Israeli band, Orphaned Land, even though I don’t know how will I see the the female dancer who dances oriental dancing on their songs on the MP3    :D
  -     I heard of the campaign by some Israeli females in solidarity with Aliaa El-Mahdi… You do it from behind my back, you bastards! All that while I’m imprisoned, waaa.
  -     The Egyptian people are very strange… When Sadat presented the peace treaty for referendum, most of the people agreed on the treaty, then they come to think of me as a traitor because I want to apply the treaty in reality! Honestly, I want the referendum on the treaty to be made once again in order to silence the loud-voiced persons who speak on behalf of the people against the treaty, for no reason, but the referendum has to explicit, giving the people the choice between war or peace, because it’s necessary that the people understand that abolishing the treaty means entering a state of war.
  -     Solidarity letters reach me from ordinary Israeli citizens, but it didn’t reach me any kind of solidarity of the Israeli government… The Israeli people remind me of the Egyptian people, a great people ruled by a gang with an extremist minority harms their image.
  -     Speaking of the official solidarity… The German embassy in Egypt was the only one to send me an official for them to visit me in prison, when it was supposed to be that Israelis be the ones to do that, as I was saying on myself “pro-Israel” not “pro-Germany”… But, it’s OK, that’s what is expected of the government of Bibi “Netanyahu”.
  -     Days before I was imprisoned, I wrote that I wanted to visit Israel, but their embassy refused to give me a visa… In reality, this is part of the truth, the first part of the truth is that before January revolution, there was an agreement with one of the Israeli activists who would have given me an official invitation from a minister of Likud, but after I read that the this minister participated in activists hostile to our revolution, I sent a message to this activist telling him not to send the invitation because I won’t accept that I go to Israel with an invitation from someone who stood against our revolution… Sometimes I ask myself: Was this stance of mine the reason of the was of the unpleasant treatment from the Israeli official since then?
  -     I also sometimes ask myself: Did the Israeli not want me to enter Israel so that to preserve their relation with the Egyptian regime as I was saying? Or, they don’t want me to see Israel on its reality and change my idea about it? I won’t know the answer except after I see with my eyes.
  -     Several years ago, a Palestinian activist from Gaza sent me an e-mail, telling me about his activism… He was joined with a group of teachers in Gaza, who were making researches on the effect of the Israeli gases on the psychology of children in Gaza, and they were taking foreign funds for long years, then the foreign fund, the business and the gifts were cut, then he sent me asking if I was able to help him in a source of foreign fund… I sent him a message, telling him that Palestinian children don’t need researches to be written on paper. Palestinian children need the Israeli gases to stop, and that won’t happen except with your recognition for Israel and entering a peace treaty with it… But, you are like that, you are like the doctor who wants his patient to always keep being ill, in order for the patient to always keep paying the bill of the medical check… Of course, after that, this fellow struggler didn’t answer me again.
  -     I learned that “Yaakov Amitai” was hired as an ambassador to Egypt instead of “Yitzhak Levanon”… I’m happy with the departure of Levanon, the man who contributed in many political crises between the two nations… I don’t know anything about Yaakov Amitai and I’m pessimistic with the choices of Avigdor Lieberman, but I hope that he would be able to fix the relation between the two nations… My advices to him: You are an ambassador of Israel in Egypt, not an ambassador of Likud government for the military council; your role is to bring the peoples closer together, not that you preserve some ink on paper called the peace treaty. The peoples are more important than paper, Mr ambassador.
  -     I really wonder of Hamas claims that it would throw Israel in the sea… I don’t know how a movement which doesn’t even own air force, how would it be able to enter a equivalent war? Not that it would win the war… Minds at rest already!
  -     I think that the two peoples, the Palestinians and the Israelis, need to appreciate the value of “non-violence” and I think that this became easier after the Arab Spring… Likud needs to forget the saying “that the Arabs only understand force”, Hamas and its allies need to understand that they can achieve gains through non-violence, more than the gains that they achieve by their fake missiles (that if there are any gains).
  -     I’m sad that Palestinians lost their round of recognition in the Security Council… The source of my sadness is that this loss will cause more frustration to the Palestinians, this would drive them to more violence… Also, if this step succeeded, this would encourage the Palestinians to follow the non-violent means, and this is in the interest of peace… In my opinion, Israel came out losing by the position of the Security Council.
  -     My tutor Amin El-Mahdi, after reading my article “Why am I pro-Israel”, told me that it’s necessary to speak about disadvantages and advantages, in order to be fair and objective in my evaluation… This is what I tried to do in my article “Why Don’t we Also be Peaceful with Israel”, “Yes to Peace for Egypt before it is for Israel” and in this article “Establishing a Palestinian State is in the Interest of Israel”… The respect of the writer for himself (even if he was imprisoned) is more important than anything else in the world.

Maikel Nabil Sanad
El-Marg prison – prison hospital

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