Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fragments, I'm Going Crazy in El-Marg Prison - 26

- Half of the period of Kareem
Whenever I think of the length of my sentence (2 years), I remember that Kareem Amer was imprisoned for 4 years and he was ignored more than me million times… I was sentenced with half of the period which he spent, despite I was exceeding the limits a million times more than him… The universe isn’t fair! 2011/12/16

- The ones who kept silent
What did injustice to me wasn’t the military… What did injustice to me were the ones who kept silent on the societal racism against me for the past years and the ones who kept silent on the military’s continued violations against me. 2011/12/16

- Public debate
Military officers are capturing (making themselves as lions) and everyday the come in newspapers and TVs to say lies about me, they know that I’m imprisoned, I won’t be able to respond to their lies… If the military officers (and the leaders of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces) had the courage, I invite them to a live debate on air in any subject he chooses… What’s up then? 2011/12/16

- Maltreatment
There are many prisoners who treat me very badly… Many times I feel that there are many Egyptians who don’t deserve the sacrifices which were made for them. Many of the Egyptians don’t deserve anyone but Mubarak, Tantawi and Abboud El-Zomor… No angel is going to come by elections in a society of devils! 2011/12/16

- El-Ganzouri and the Chinese experience
All of El-Ganzouri’s interest is in economy and security, he has no relation with politics or political reform… This is the same line for the National Democratic Party which was repeating the Chinese experience which was built upon the economic reform while continuing in political tyranny! 2011/12/20

- Prison is
Prison under the rule of the militarist regime of July is a place where criminals restrict the freedom of the nobles! 2011/12/21

- Post in prison
I get so happy with the letters which reach me in prison, this elevates my morale so much… I don’t feel strange of the letters which reach me from Europe, America and Canada, but I didn’t expect that I would receive letters from countries such as Bahrain and South Korea. A few letters reach me from Israel, I feel delighted by them, despite that I am sad of their scarcity… Freedom must come. 2011/12/22

- The accused is convicted till proven innocent
The military keeps on stating in the media that the sentence issued against me was because I couldn’t deny the charges against me. Maximum impertinence! What are the principally?! Is the accused innocent till proven guilty, or is he convicted till proven innocent? Principally, the human is innocent and a sentence is issued against him if a proof was found proving his conviction, and if the proof was missing he should be acquitted even if he had actually committed a crime. But the philosophy of distributing the charges to the people without a proof and demanding them to find a proof of their innocence, it’s a legal futility which doesn’t exist in any respectable country. 2011/12/22

- I forgot the keyboard
I feel that because of the length of my confinement, I forgot the places of the letters on the keyboard… Damn. 2011/12/23

- The civilian judiciary isn’t less corrupt
My experience in dealing with the civilian judiciary says that the civilian judiciary isn’t less corrupt that police, military judiciary, State Security courts or any other corrupt establishment… The civilian judiciary was the one to imprison Saad El-Din Ibrahim, Kareem Amer and Ayman Mansour, also it was the one to imprison Ayman Noor and forfeiting of his political rights and refused to re-try him again after the revolution. The civilian judiciary is the one to confine Alaa Abdel Fattah right now, and it was the one to aid Mubarak and later Tantawi to manipulate the results of elections… Even in my presence inside prison, the public prosecution is colluding with the ministry of interior and is helping them to escape punishment of their crimes… A total revolution is needed to purge the judicature. 2011/12/23

- I need a lawyer
It’s unbelievable that I’ve been imprisoned for 9 months and I asked for a lawyer to visit me in prison and no lawyer practiced this mission came to visit me… I think that it’s my right for the revolutionary lawyers that they come to visit me and help me to take legal steps against the violations which are committed against me inside prison. 2011/12/23

- Against the judiciary supervision on elections
For all of my life I’ve been against the judiciary supervision over elections, this was the reason that I didn’t sign the statement for Baradei before the revolution… I knew that the Egyptian judiciary is Islamized and would give the country to Islamists. The Egyptian judiciary is racist, against women, it was clear from its refusal to appoint women in judicial positions. The Egyptian judiciary is racist against non-Muslims, it was the reason in the disgusting rulings against atheists, Bahais and sometimes Christians… In the respectable countries, there is a national council for elections, representing all factions of the society, and there is an essential role for the civil society, we should do that if we loved to be a respectable country and to have fair elections. 2011/12/23

- Defenders and opponents
I feel it’s strange of the people who defend me without having been read my articles. How come you defend someone without knowing what did he say? I also feel it’s strange of the people who attack me and swear-word me without having been read for me anything. How come you attack me and criticize me without knowing what did I say? Isn’t it possible that when you read for me you would be convinced with I say? All the issue reminds me of all the ones who defended or attacked Sayyed El Qemni, Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid and Farag Foda, without even reading anything of their writings… A nations that doesn’t read is a disgusting nation. 2011/12/23

- The girl whom they stripped
It pained me so much to see the picture of the girl who was stripped by Tantawi army during the breaking of the sit-in of the cabinet… I tell her that nudity isn’t a sin, the body isn’t a shame, many girls around the world recuperate on beaches with bikinis without any problem… But, the shame, the scandal and the disgrace have to be attributed to the soldiers who take their salaries from our taxes to protect us, but instead they betray the trust and direct their weapons to their citizens and rape the nobles… All the shame and disgrace on the Egyptian military and all who is in it while keeping silent on what happened. 2011/12/24

- The military elongated its period of conflict with me
I was supposed to travel to Europe in the last June, and I would have started a master, then a doctorate, I would have been out at least 5 years outside Egypt… But, the military’s stupidity confined me and made me free to write against it, it confined many people against the military and is contributing in taking-off its legitimacy gradually… The one who takes the decision inside the military holds a doctorate with an excellent rating in folly. 2011/12/25

- My hunger strike and Nahhas Pasha
I just knew that Mustafa El-Nahhas Pasha died in 23 August… It was the same day I started my hunger strike… I’m happy with this coincidence, because Nahhas is almost the only political personality that I respect in the contemporary history of Egypt… A rose on your grave, the leader of the nation. 2011/12/25

- The dentist
I almost wonder of my bravery in confronting death and my strong frighting of the dentist… How weird are humans! 2011/12/26

- How many members of the Muslim Brotherhood died a martyr in the revolution?
We know that many Christians and Muslims died in the revolution, men and women, old and young people… But, the vital question: how many member of the Muslims Brotherhood was killed! 2011/12/26

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