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Fragments, I'm Going Crazy in El-Marg Prison - 25

- Vegetarian
I seriously think of becoming vegetarian and stop eating any animal foods, but I feel that I need to read to read more in this subject… The point which I still can’t be convinced with is, vegetarians say that it’s not because we are evolutionarily superior from animals that we eat them, so does that mean that if we are evolutionarily superior to plants that we also won’t eat plants? OK, what are we going to eat if we didn’t eat animals or plants? I’m not happy with killing animals, but what’s the alternative? 2011/12/4

- The kiss and Freud
I dreamed that I was kissing her. I felt anger when I woke up because she is the most female whom I hate on the face of the earth… I remembered what Freud said and I cursed it… How much you are honest, Freud! 2011/12/6

- Threatening Mark
Today, after the session, an army officer told me “why don’t you let your brother sit with us for a week”. They threaten me for the millionth time to arrest him… I don’t know why do I feel that if the army kept on dealing that way, we would enter the ministry of defense on the tanks of 78 while chanting “the people and the UN are one hand”. 2011/12/7

- Khaled Alaa
I knew that Manal Bahey El-Din, the wife of Alaa Abdel Fattah, gave birth yesterday to Khaled, while Alaa was continually confined, the same happened to Alaa’s mother when she gave birth while her husband Ahmed Seif El-Islam was imprisoned… If I had an authority, I wouldn’t have left Alaa, this isn’t a country where the one marries in, this is a country where the one dies or his eyes are pierced :( 2011/12/7

- Imprisoned in Ganzouri’s era
After Ganzouri made the oath today in the morning, Ganzouri became the second prime minister that I’m imprisoned at his era. I was imprisoned in the era of Sharaf’s first and second ministries, as well as Ganzouri’s ministry. I lived during ministers of interior holding their office, I was imprisoned while “Yehia El-Gamal”, “Ali El-Salmi”, “Hazem El Beblawi” and “Gouda Abdel Khalek” were holding office, none of them objected my imprisonment… The interim period undresses many of the faces. 2011/12/7

- Lisa Simpson
In a show on the radio, talking about which cartoon character people love to be real… They reminded me of my big love story: Lisa Simpson… Waaa! 2011/12/7

- America and the conflict in the Middle East
I don’t antagonize America nor that I suffer of paranoia nor that I’m a conspiracy theorist, but there are facts that are important for us to know… It is in the interest of America that the Iranian regime continues to exist, in order for the gulf to have a security threat, therefore the gulf countries would keep being in an alignment with America, therefore America would secure petroleum sources for itself, along with that it benefits of arms sales to the gulf countries, so that they empower their armies against Iran… It is also in the interest of America that the conflict between Egypt and Israel continues, in order for Israel to keep being its ally, and the Egyptian regime to be its agent, and so that all the sides of the conflict keep buying arms from America. Notice that all the sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict buy American arms (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey), only Syria is left which would start to buy the American arms after the collapse of Assad regime…
Churchill didn’t lie when he said that “politics is a dirty game”. 2011/12/8

- A march of million against conscription
I dream of the day when a march of millions goes out to Tahrir square against the system of conscription… Can this happen? 2011/12/9

- Over-expectation
I’m very happy with all the letters which people send me in prison, they encourage me to get rid of frustration and depression that surround me here in prison… But, I think that people (or many people) see me as a legendary hero, and they exaggerate in their expectations from me. That reminds me of a story which Tawfik El-Hakim wrote about a reader who loved him very much, but when that reader met Tawfik El-Hakim, he figured out that he’s a normal person, not as the exaggerated image he painted in his mind, and he became very sad… I don’t want to lose people when they exaggerate in their expectations of me, then find me just a normal human who decided one day to make what’s correct. 2011/12/12

- Would that black day come?
Very usually, I see a nightmare these days, I see it while awake, not asleep… I fear that what happened in January 1953 and September 1981 be repeater… I fear the day that at its dawn, military police vehicles park under homes of all activists, and arrest them all with their night clothes, and Egypt wakes up seeing the revolutionaries in prison and militarists stuck on their chairs… Many sources confirmed to me that the plan is ready from a long time, and the list of activists is ready, only the instructions remain! 2011/12/13

- I was the one to choose
Today, the officer (who is said to be a military judge) sentenced me with 2 years imprisonment… I wasn’t sad, I was the one to choose that… I was the one to choose that when I published my article “the Army and the People were Never One Hand”, at that time I wrote on my profile on Facebook, “I feel that by publishing this article as if I am publishing my death certificate, but I didn’t do that I would be Maikel Nabil”`I was the one to choose when I refused to apologize, before that when I refused the office positions which were offered to me when they wanted to recruit me… I was the one to choose when I refused to emigrate and didn’t accept political asylum… I was the one to choose when I refused the military service, I wrote, “I refuse the military service and I Bear the Consequences”… Mr officer, I was the one to choose, not you. 2011/12/14

- They are punishing me for my refusal to recruitment
The date for my release in the new sentence (2013/2/25)… What’s tragic, yet comic, is that if I had entered the army, I would have got out in (2013/1/25), in other words they force me to spend my military service in prison instead of the army… But that doesn’t sadden me, I would have been recruited in the army of shame which opresses the revolution. The prisoner is now more honorable than the army officer. 2011/12/14

- A letter from a youth who lost his eye
Of the most letters to touch me inside prison, a letter from someone called “Mostafa Ramadan”, telling that he lost is left eye at the massacre of Mohamed Mahmoud, and he is encouraging me to face prison… I felt that I’m small. In the end I lost 2 years of my life and will be free again, but the one who loses part of his body will continue without it for the rest of his life… Damn the militarists who left us as prisoners and wounded. 2011/12/15

- My thoughts are more important than my personality
It’s beautiful that there are many people who started to speak out about me after long months of silence and ignoring, and it’s beautiful that many people care to know more about me… But, I think that people should care for my thoughts more than my personality, because in the end I’m confined because of my thoughts, not because of my thoughts. My thoughts are what I sacrifice for. 2011/12/15

- Ahmed Spider
Wael Ghonim sued (or made a complaint) against Ahmed Spider, then spider guy said in the interrogation of the prosecution “that Washington had taken Wael Ghonim, Esraa Abdel Fattah and Maikel Nabil as agent to implement its plan inside Egypt”… Honestly, I became confused. For a long time they convince me that I’m an Israeli agent, now they change their words and say an American agent. Don’t confuse me with you, OK! Infiltration isn’t shaking shoulders :D 2011/12/15

- Two types of migration
The alignment between the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis in the next parliament will make two types of migration in Egypt… The first is migration od Christians to Europe and America… The second is migration of Muslims from Islam, or more accurately they would disbelieve from what they are going to see by the hands of Islamists, and we will witness at the era of the Muslim Brotherhood the biggest wave of atheism in the history of Egypt. 2011/12/15

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