Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Urgent Statement: As if I was Really Judged

Prison had never changed an idea… Subduing had never delayed tomorrow

Militarists sentenced me last Wednesday to 2 years in prison (as if I’ll live all that period on a hunger strike)… They also fined me with 200 Egyptian pounds, I won’t pay it off because I don’t recognize this ruling from the first place and I won’t contribute in funding the occupying army of Tantawi… They also fined me with 300 Egyptian pounds for the fees of the assigned lawyer who works with them, it is also a sum of money that I won’t pay because I won’t pay money to a lawyer I objected his presence and I proved my refusal for him to defend me, he was the lawyer who sent me to the mental hospital, he was also the lawyer who the lawyer who contributed to their theatrical play and gave a legitimate appearance to their judgment, as well as, he’s the lawyer which the intelligence agency newspapers exploited to say that my lawyer said so and so, despite that he’s the army’s lawyer and not my lawyer.

Before yesterday, I started a medicine strike and abstaining from drinks, except water. Today, I complete 119 days without food… I don’t intend to retreat form my strike till death. I don’t stand life with the continuous violations against me in prison, as well as, I’m not less that those who lose their lives in Tahrir square everyday.
Unfortunately, militarists refuse not to walk on the steps of the remaining militarist regime since 1952, and we ought to pay the price of this under silence and collusion of many of the political parties, elites and political powers.
I won’t provide appeals, pleas or requests to the militarists… I don’t recognize their rule, their legitimacy or their judiciary… I consider myself abducted hostage and a prisoner of war for the military which occupied my homeland.

Maikel Nabil Sanad
El-Marg general prison
119 on a hunger strike

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