Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urgent Statement: Speech Strike Against Gagging

Militarists told me that my case differs from the case of Alaa Abd El Fattah, because Alaa isn’t tried as being a political activist… I look in their eyes and ask them, …“Is it a confession that I am being tried as being a political activist?”.
Since the coup d’etat of Tantawi in 11 February, militarists practiced gagging by all means. They imprisoned politicians and bloggers, they terrorized revolutionaries, tried media personnel and confiscated newspapers… For that, I ought to announce it explicitly, “our mouths were gagged”. For that, I decided to enter tomorrow’s morning in a speech strike for 3 days, objecting gagging mouths which the military council practice and objecting the continuation of my confinement aiming at preventing me from exposing the violations of militarists.
I don’t consider myself a prisoner, I consider myself abducted by the gang which occupied Egypt and usurp the right of its people in freedom and democracy… I am a prisoner of war for the occupying army of Tantawi which doesn’t get tired of attempting to oppress the revolution and kneeling the revolutionaries.
Unfortunately, the army deals with me as a hostage (as it dealt with Ilan Grapel), in which they pickle customer and retain him for the longest possible time so that they can barter him by the biggest possible price… But unfortunately, they don’t realize that each day I and my fellow revolutionaries spend in prison is going to increase the gap between the revolution and the military establishment, and is going to increase the price which they would have to pay some day.
The army should realize that it would pay the price of each day I spend in my imprisonment… I know that they are taking revenge to the painful blows I directed at them in the past, but this is a childish behavior because the one who directed painful blows in the past is able to direct more painful blows in the future.

Continue building up the wall of the prison – tomorrow the revolution will rise and won’t let anything

Down with the military rule

Maikel Nabil Sanad
El-Marg general prison

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