Friday, November 25, 2011

Series of “No To Compulsory Recruitment” articles - Part 6: Summary of our Demands

I liked that we write our demands clearly and explicitly, so that it would be understood what do we want.

Primarily we want a law having the following specifications
1- A law which doesn’t discriminate between the boy and the girl, the Christians and the Muslim, the physician and the peasant, between the one who has brothers and the one who doesn’t, between the one whose father is older than 60 years old and the one whose father is younger than 60 years old… We want a law treating all of us without the method of divide and conquer… A law which applies on everyone without discrimination.
2- We refuse any authority for militarists over civilians.
3- We refuse all the forms of forcing, subjugation and forced labor… We totally refuse that the state forces the citizens on anything they don’t want.
4- We refuse forfeiting of the right to travel and the political rights for citizens (who did commit any crime) under any excuse, even if it were conscription.

That’s why we want
1- Amending the constitution, making recruitment voluntary (optional).
2- Replacing the current law of the military service with a new law, which would abolish all types of general service and the recruitment becomes voluntary for both genders, also the recruit receives a fair salary appropriate for the riskiness and the importance of the military service.
3- Abolishing the law banning publishing any news about the armed forces, allowing citizens and recruits to carry mobile phones and camera inside militarist area.
4- Amending the law of the military provisions, and to tightening the punishment on any officer insulting or assaulting recruits.
5- Won’t the military establishment (with all its branches) any relation with travel permits and that no one be prevented from traveling except the guilty ones who are decided by the general prosecution to be prevented from traveling.
6- Amending the law of proceeding the political rights. All the articles related to military service are removed, so that there won’t be any relation between the military service and proceeding the political rights, the previous banning for the right to candidacy be dropped for the Egyptians who didn’t do the military service and to also allow military and police officers to vote in public elections.
7- Amending the laws of military provisions, so that it absolutely prevents militarily trying civilians before military courts and that no one is tried before the military judicature except the military officer who is graduated of military colleges and the voluntarily recruited (in the states of war only)… Additionally, developing the military judicature, in order to have means of appeal and resumption as well as all the means to guarantee the fairness and integrity of the military judicature.

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Map for conscription in the world:-
Green: No armed forces
Blue: No enforced conscription
Orange: Plan to abolish conscription in the near future
Red: Conscription (notice that European countries which have conscription don't mistreat recruits and acknowledge conscientious objection to refuse recruitment)

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