Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter from Maikel Nabil to his defense & the military judge coercing him to be militarily tried despite his boycott

Mr. Maged Hanna, Negad El-Borai and my defense team
      I warmly thank you on your continuous efforts for my freedom and I strongly apologize for the continuous woes which I cause to you because of my insistence to take stances fully lining with my principles.

I knew from all of you the respect to opinions and beliefs, that’s what encourage me to continue in my struggle for my freedom.

I was informed in prison that the [military] judge ordered for to bring me for tomorrow’s session by force, so I am going to be present in tomorrow’s session to prove my stance boycotting the military judicature.

I need you all next to me in this day as witnesses on this historic moment and to help me in any emergent circumstance arising.

I thank your support for freedom of expression.
Thank you very much

Maikel Nabil Sanad
El-Marg general prison

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