Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fragments, I’m Going Crazy in El-Marg Prison – 10

- Tomorrow is my birthday… Will it be the last birthday in my life? 2011/9/30
- In India for more than a month, an Indian citizen announced his hunger strike objecting corruption in India (despite that India has a distinctive democratic experience) and in a period of week of his hunger strike, the Indian government announced its response and its readiness to proceed in reforms… Tomorrow I’ll be on a hunger strike for 40 days and no one of the Egyptian regime responded to me… How strange you are, Egypt, the land of brigade. 2011/9/30
- They told me that before Nour Merheb had committed suicide, he deliberately made his Facebook profile demanding my release… It’s really a hard thing when you feel that you are responsible for the compassion, blood and the efforts of thousands of who sacrificed for my freedom, and that it’s required of me to be worth their trust. 2011/9/30
- The fall of Arab nationalism started by the death of Nasser, then the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime, this year it had been completed by the fall of Gaddafi, what’s left of the pillars of the Arab nationalism the Baathist regime of Syria, but it has already lost any popular sympathy because of its crimes against the Syrian people… Let’s celebrate the fall of Arab nationalism. 2011/9/30
- I’m a realist, not a neo-realist. I believe-in ethical realism. 2011/9/30
- I feel it strange that people say that America is an imperialist state, despite that imperialism has a specified definition and America has never tried to expand its lands or annex another state to its lands… Our disagreements with someone should make us claim things non-existent about him. 2011/9/30
- When I read the book “In Search of Identity” for Anwar El-Sadar, the area of similarity which is between me and him caught my attention… He entered prison the first time when he was 24 years old, I entered prison when I was 25 years old… He spent in prison 2 years and a half and my sentence was for 3 years… He learned German inside prison, so do I… He transferred the leadership of his organization inside prison and I did the same thing in “No to Compulsory Military Recruitment”… He made a strike objecting his imprisonment, I did the same… He spoke about the problems of scabies disease inside prison, and I had scabies from the dirtiness of the places where they confined me… But, of course, there are many core differences between me and Sadat, he is militarist and I am anti-militarist, he communicated with the German Intelligence while I am against all Intelligence agencies no matter their nationality, he participated in the assassination of Amin Osman while I am against killing and assassinations to the extent I’m against the capital punishment. 2011/9/30
- When Nasser informed Sadat of Abdel Hakim Amer’s committing suicide, Sadat replied to him that it was a natural thing “because the militarist traditions is that the militarist leader commits suicide when he’s defeated”… OK, Nasser was a militarist leader and was defeated in the same battle, why didn’t he commit suicide?! Why the double-standard in Sadat’s behaviors, saying that Abdel Hakim Amer’s suicide is a natural thing while refusing Nasser’s stepping-down and asked him to stay in authority? It’s a strange thing! 2011/9/30
- Many countries exist that passed through the experience of peace after war, I wish that we learn from their experiences when we deal with our bitter past with Israel… Of them, the war in Ireland, the experience of the re-fusion of Germany and South Africa, the restoration of the popular peace between Germany and France, the humanist and the ethnic dealing in countries which were split from the Soviet Union. 2011/9/30

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