Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fragments, I’m Going Crazy in El-Marg Prison – 9

- I have become confused, in the coming years, are we going to consider 11 February a celebration day because it’s a commemoration for Mubarak overthrowing? Or, are we going to consider it a sad day because it’s a commemoration of the militarist reaching the authority? 2011/9/29
- The ethical problem in Egypt is because the people have been used to do good for a return… The reason for the is the philosophy of reward and punishment existing in religions, that people have been used to do good in order to receive a reward and a requital in the afterlife… I personally do good because it’s good and I do the righteous because it’s right, I’m not waiting for any any return to anything good I do. I discover that, when someone thanks me on something I did, I don’t deserve thanking because I wasn’t even able to do the wrong… If people were used to do the right because it’s right, we would get rid of the state of ethical decline existing in Egypt. 2011/9/28
- People have been accustomed that anyone saying an opinion that he has a benefit of him saying that opinion, so they imagine that anyone defending Bahai rights that he is making that because he’s Bahai, that anyone defending Christian right that he is making that because he’s secretly Christianized , that anyone defending homosexual rights is a homosexual but afraid to say so, that anyone defending peace receives a profit from Israel… Hey you! It’s not because you are opportunist and don’t do anything except if you have received a payment and benefiting that all people are like you. Many people exist who have principles defending it for no reward and sacrifice their lives and happiness for them. 2011/9/28
- The dirtiest thing about the Egyptian education is its extreme weakness in biology and physics, the result is that people have grown up with no idea about these two sciences despite their importance, the natural result of this situation that it’s impossible for them to understand very important theories and laws, as evolution and the big bang, therefore they are still living in the medieval ages and still haven’t been affected by the renaissance of the modern age… I don’t know what’s the solution for this critical situation? 2011/9/28
- The groups who mock or attack homosexuals, why don’t they criticize their creator? Does our god create them homosexuals and you punish them? The ones who object the right of the homosexual in existence or punishes him on his homosexuality is exactly as if he punishes the bald for his baldness or punishes the one-eyed or the paralyzed for his disability. 2011/9/29
- The difference between the old sciences and the modern sciences is centered around two points. The first is that the old sciences were simple, easy to understand, as the gravity theory of Newton, contrary to modern sciences, complicated, hard to understand, as modern physics of Albert Einstein… The second difference is that the old sciences, it’s easy for us to attribute to persons, contrary to modern sciences. In other words, we all know the inventor of the electrical lamp and the inventor of the gravity theory, but very few know who made the theory of the big bang, or who drew the map of the human genome. 2011/9/29
- Why is the secrecy in everything concerning the military council? Why isn’t there a clear list of the names of the members of the military council and their tasks, their history and their financial disclosures? 2011/9/29
- The people who read my introduction to myself on my blog are shocked of the word “materialist” and understand it as if I’m someone who demands money for anything I make… Materialist is relative to the materialist philosophy which appeared in Europe in the age of renaissance as a reaction to the spiritual philosophy. The spiritual philosophy explained the physical phenomena by spiritual explanations, in other words you disease is caused by your sin, earthquakes are wrath from gods, solar eclipse is a warning for the end of the world, and so on. The material philosophy is based on natural and biological sciences, and says that material phenomena have material scientific reasons, not spiritual reasons… That’s all. 2011/9/29
- Corruption in my evaluation, three types: criminal corruption which includes crimes, as killing and torturing. Financial corruption, which includes stealing, embezzlement, fraud and wasting public money. Political corruption as, drafting laws against liberties and distorting the reputation of political opposition… In my evaluation, the criminal evaluation is the most dangerous, then the political corruption, and finally the financial corruption… I think that we should use that arrangement in fighting against corruption after the revolution. 2011/9/29
- I hope that people understand how the militarists exploit the enmity to Israel in order to hit the democratization project in Egypt… Without historical researches, it’s enough to contemplate how a demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy was used on 8 April in order to take away demonstrators out of Tahrir and this made it easier for revolutionary officers to be arrested from Tahrir… Also, how the breaking through the Israeli embassy on 1 September was used in order to re-implement the emergency law and to fully activate it… All that at the time when the Field Marshal was promising Netanyahu that the relations between the two countries won’t change.. You must understand! The militarists are using the case of enmity to Israel in order to oppress the project of democratization in Egypt. 2011/9/29

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