Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Establishing a Palestinian State is in the Interest of Israel

* Introduction
I think that currently is the most time when the peoples need peace activists. With the Palestinians applying for a full membership in the United Nations, and the intensification of the conflict between both sides, the Palestinians and the Israelis are between the Palestinian threats of dissolving the Palestinian authority and the Israeli threats of annexing the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). The climate became in need for mediators and peace activists having communication channels and acceptance from both sides, who can use their abilities for the interests of both sides to achieve peace which is sought be all the progressive and modernist forces. In a case as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not many Arabic speakers (Arabs) exist who can communicate with the Israeli readers, this is the role which I was making before my imprisonment, I would have been able to make a bigger role if I were free, but because I’m now imprisoned for 6 months, I would do the only thing I can, which is this article.

* The beautiful dream
- I dreamed of one homeland and one state bringing together the two peoples, the Palestinian and the Israeli peoples. One state for the two peoples, living together in peace. A civic state that doesn’t discriminated between its citizens on a religious basis, ethnic origin or sexual origin. A state where the religious Jews won’t feel that there is a foreign state on the historical land of Israel, and where the Palestinians don’t feel that there is an occupying state on the Palestinian soil. A state where there is a human balance between Palestinians and Jews would prevent a tyranny of one side over the other. A state living in peace with its neighbors, not in need for a huge armament budget straining its national economy, and doesn’t need to daily lose its youth in childish absurd wars which have no meaning. A state where the citizens look to the new cities as a type of development not settlement. A state taking advantage of the cultural plurality of its population to become stronger and more effective in the region.
- However, for years, both sides killed the dream. The Palestinian terror broke many roads for the peaceful resolution of the conflict, it created a psychological barrier between the two peoples. The Palestinian politicians’ insistence on the two-state solution greedily in the hope of getting corruption money and in the political positions which they won’t reach in a one-state solution, considering that the Israeli politicians are university graduates while the Palestinian politicians are tent and para-military graduates. All that led to the unification of the international efforts toward the two-state solution, not the one-state solution.
- On the other hand, the Israeli insistence on taking unilateral decisions without making considerations for the other international parties, and its insistence for the strong military solutions, and the continuation of the military presence in the West Bank, and the continuation for the provocative policies on top of them the settlements and the obstruction of negotiations insisting on solving complicated issues like the Judaism of Israel and the rights of Jewish refugees who were expelled of the Arab countries; and finally, with the existence of a type of Israeli politicians in authority who are pro-war and anti-peace, they are politicians who know very well that they reached their positions on war propaganda, and will lose them once peace is achieved. All that led to the loss of Palestinians for the hope of serious negotiations, and that pushed them to more violence, and this also led to the creation of a psychological barrier for Palestinians preventing the idea of a one state.
- The realistic result for all that is: the one-state solution isn’t raised anymore in the near term. Both sides have no minimum readiness to exert efforts to achieve it, there is insistence from both sides on the two-state solution, this is a reality which we should accept whether we like it or not.

* Establishing a Palestinian state is in the interest of Israel
- I wonder because of the Israeli reaction toward the Palestinian request from the United Nations to obtain a full membership, because establishing a Palestinian state goes along with the interest of Israel, because it does not in anyway contradict with the Palestinian people obtaining their full rights or with the Israeli people obtaining their full rights.
- It is in the interest of Israel that the ongoing conflict for more than 6 decades ends. Israel has the right to live in peace for the first time in its modern history. It is in the interest of the Israeli people to live in peace and contentment for the first time since the establishment of their state. It is in the interest of Israel to feel contentment from its neighbors without a continuous distrust of an attack that Israel doesn’t know where will it come from.
- It is in the interest of Israel to end the state of war, therefore getting-rid of its need for the hugely inflated defense budget and taking advantage of this budget in favor for the Israeli citizens who need education, health care and housing more than their need for bullets, tear gas and cannon shells. It is in the interest of the Israeli youth not to lose years of their life in a compulsory military service, who can take advantage of these years in building their future, and they would be safe from injuries which they could be subjected to in the military operations.
- It is in the interest of Israel to improve its image to the world and to the Arab countries. It’s not of the interest of Israel that its isolation increases within the international community, and that its image would not be in the minds of the international public opinion as “a racist state”, “the only government of occupation on planet earth” and “the only state to make settlements after the second world war” even if this image is incorrect. It is also not in the interest of Israel that the Arab citizens (Egyptians, Jordanians, Palestinians and others) look to the Israeli people as enemies. As long as the Arabs look to the Israelis as enemies, Israelis won’t be able to invest or make tourism or make any joint relations with their neighbors, Israel is going to be continually besieged between people who don’t sympathize with the legitimate rights of the people of Israel.
- All countries pass through stages of strength and stages of weakness. All countries, no matter how strong they were, pass through moments of weakness (could be fatal sometimes), Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are the strongest examples for countries to have reached their full strength then passed through weakness leading to their collapse. Yes, Israel is a strong country, but it is subjected to pass through stages of weakness, and it is in the interest of Israel at then when it might pass through moments of weakness that it would be in a state of peace and friendship with its neighbors, not to be in a state that its neighbors are waylaying waiting for the moment of weakness, to devour it. Peace guarantees for Israel the continuation for its existence on its lands, not the military force.

* A call for peace
- I invite Israel now to cut the way for the calls for hatred, racism and the escalating of war, and become the first country to recognize Palestine and invite countries to recognize it and to contribute in building the Palestinian state. The Palestinian state is going to be established whether you like it or not, so it’s in your interest that the new state be a friendly state, not an enemy state.
- Yes, I am not very optimistic with the coalition of rightists and militarists which drives Israel now, with very modest capabilities, to destruction and not progress, but why not invite them to take a pivotal historic stance for the interest of Israel? If the current Israeli political leadership was refusing to do this stance, why not the progressive forces of Israel adopt it, either they be political parties of peace forces, social forces or even the youth of the tent revolution who have represented all Israeli cities and neighborhoods.
Would Tzipi Livni, the leader of the Israeli opposition, adopt this invitation, to save Israel from complicating the conflict, to lead it to the ultimate and full peace, and to make Israel enter a new era of peaceful coexistence with its neighbors?
- I know that it is currently almost impossible for Israelis to accept the complications which the Palestinians put in the the text of their request, as the Palestinians’ insistence on 1967-borders and on eastern Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. But, why not Israel recognizes the Palestinian state without stating borders or a capital for it, then these issues be resolved with other controversial issues like the issues of refugees, water and the security situation in a peace treaty signed within a year.
We are in front of a historic critical and decisive moment, Israel has to find an intelligent leadership able to innovate an unconventional solution to save Israel from what Ehud Barak described as a tsunami, and to lead Israel toward a new era of positive coexistence in the region. Currently, Israel has to choose between start moving in the way for prosperity or decayedness.
- I had advised Israel since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution to take the correct decision and to bias toward the Egyptian revolutionaries, but Israel didn’t respond to my advice at then, later it realized this after months that it took the wrong decision, Israel paid, is paying and will pay more price for not taking the right decision at the right time. Here I am repeating the advice once again, unfortunately Israel will pay the price if it didn’t respond to the advice of its friends, but in the end the people of Israel are mature and able to hold the responsibility of their decisions, and to hold their responsibility alone.

Peace is the solution.

Maikel Nabil Sanad
El-Marg general prison
28 September 2011
After 37 days on a hunger strike

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