Thursday, April 28, 2011

A letter to the members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces

      Do the reports that reach you mention that the Military Intelligence Captain who was responsible for my insurance on Thursday the 31st of March, 2011, said in front of me that “we are the State Security which still isn’t dissolved”? Never mind of that question, because that is another conversation for another time.
In the beginning, I have to thank you for all you did with me. The proverb says “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” Because of you I am now stronger, better and more precious. Your Intelligence and your judicature accused me of abusing the reputation of the military establishment. Personally, I see that what happens with me is the biggest abuse to the military establishment. It has become clear to activists around the world that the regime didn’t fall, because the regime which imprisoned Karim Amer yesterday is the same which imprisoned Maikel Nabil today. Everybody sees how does the military establishment brings the opinion holder to a kangaroo court, punishing him for calling for peace, freedom and human rights. No one abuses the military establishment more than its people who have become above the level of being questioned.
I don’t know why don’t the militarists realize that the politicians don’t feel afraid of jails? Most of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders spent more than nearly 15 years in prisons and those long years weren’t enough to convince any of them to leave politics or to leave the Muslim Brotherhood. Karim Amer, also went out months ago from a four-year period of imprisonment in an opinion case, as well and those long years didn’t prevent him from getting back to political activism. The army arrested him as well during the revolution days. Since the coup d’état of 1952, jail became to politicians a normal thing in their lives. It doesn’t bother them much.
I am not seeking anything here and not asking for anything. Enough for me to tell you that you are militarists and know well that victories in a battle doesn’t mean winning in the war and that a peace treaty is better for both sides from an unending series of battles. But, are there sensible people in the military establishment seeing till that range?
Whether I spent my sentence period completely or not, I don’t care much. Enough for me the honor to know that the military establishment fears my pen.

Maikel Nabil Sanad
Marg prison - Qalyubia

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