Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fleeing thoughts from the military prison

In an unjust country, the noble persons dwell behind the bars. Don’t grieve my friends, I’m in the normal place!
I’ve made a mistake when I was in Hisham Mubarak Law Center once, and declared my intention to write a sequel to my article “The army and the people were never one hand.” However, when I get detained in order not to write a specific article, it becomes the most valued testimony I could ever receive in my lifetime!
This is the seventh time to get detained; Two times in Syria, two times at the hands of the Egyptian police, and three times at the hands of the Egyptian military. How many times are required before I can live free?!
In Mubarak’s era, detentions were issued by administrative decisions. But nowadays, blessed with the Military Council, detentions pass through military court rulings!
Yesterday, Saturday 9th April 2011, I’ve commemorated the second anniversary of No for Compulsory Military Service Movement by drinking juice and eating some pieces of chocolates. O’ Egypt! Why do you always steal our joy deliberately?!
I’m reminiscing Mubarak and State Security days now! At least, I have never been sent to prison, and neither beaten by a state security officer, nor sexually harassed!
Weirdly enough, on the walls of the opposite cell, some prisoner has inscribed “This is from the favour of my Lord.*” Is this your favour, Lord? Do You really bless those who kill and torture our brothers?!
“You! With the star, eagle, and beret**… Why are you possessed by arresting young men?
“Raise the walls of my prison more and more! The revolt will soon destroy the sore!”
These are the chants which I keep on repeating inside the military prison!
I can feel the intention of harming me after the court ruling. Don’t believe the army’s worthless claims about suicide attempts. Hence, the Military Council is responsible for my safety and well-being until the time of my release.
Thanks to everyone worldwide who showed solidarity with me. Freedom has its price, and I’m paying this price behind the prison walls, while you’re paying it outside.

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